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Your smile is our top priority


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Phan Dental is a general family practice. First and foremost, client care, in particular client comfort, is the objective of the entire Phan Dental team.

Going to Phan Dental is an experience with the primary focus being your smile.

A Message From The Phan’s


Phan Dental was designed with the patients in mind. From the time you come in the front door to the time you leave, Dr. Jack & Megan Phan’s attention was set to every detail to ensure their patients were getting what they had envisioned. The design of the whole clinic is to make sure that when you go to the dentist, you are made to feel comfortable and relaxed, left feeling that it was a great visit and you are not afraid or nervous about coming back.

We are proud to be apart of the Edmonton dental community and we are looking forward to serving you.


The Phan’s


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